Find a cure for Ebola !!

Ebola is when your bleed from three parts of your face which are your eyes ,mouth and nose. You can also tell when someone has Ebola when they have muscle pain, headaches and a sore throat. When you have Ebola it is a very scary experience. If you have Ebola you should see a doctor immediately. Ebola started in South Africa and it recently spread to New York.

If you do not see a doctor you could possibly die. Ebola is very dangerous because it can kill a person very fast and it can spread very fast as well. Lots of company’s such as red cross are trying to help stop Ebola for good.  If doctors get to the person with Ebola they will try and put then on a plane and fly the patient to the nearest hospital so the patient can get treatment.

I think that Ebola must be stopped or it could affect the whole world and then it could wipe out the whole human race. Ebola is caused by Ebola virus. Animals start of with Ebola and then it spreads to humans. 

Oompa-Loompa’s Adventure To Unicorn Land

Once upon a time there was a little oompa-loompa  called Bob. Bob lived in oompa-loompa land . Oompa-loompa land was made out of marshmallows. The marshmallows were strawberry and vanilla. When the oompa-loompa’s were hungry they ate the marshmallows which instantly grew backSo. Then one day Bob got really board.  Bob decided to go to unicorn land. First Bob had to build a space ship. Bob had to make his space ship out of marshmallows because that was the only material around. All Bob’s friends helped Bob build the space ship. The space ship looked awesome. Then Bob started the count down, 10, 9 ,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 , 2 ,1,  BLAST OFF ! . Then Bob rocketed away into space. Bob looked through the huge windows on the side of the space ship. He flew past all the planets. Then he came to unicorn land. There were fluffy unicorns everywhere. Then Bob saw the unicorn king, the king was a big unicorn with a golden crown. All the unicorns worshipped him and gave him gifts. Then Bob went over to the king and knelt down and gave him the gift of cookies. The king said Bob could stay and boy he did.



Activity #4 student blogging challenge


One day in a football game there were two teams they were called the Crows and the Power. They were playing at Adelaide oval, and Port were smashing the Crows (because Port are better) . Then a streaker runs on the oval. What will happen to the streaker?

Please finish this story in a post.

Student blogging challenge activity #4

Today I am going to write about two people in my life that important to me. Those two people are my mother and father. They always take care of me.

First I am going to talk about my Mum. My mum’s name is Sharon. She is always “I say always” kind to me. She cooks dinner takes me to soccer games and is always helping me when ever she can so thank you a LOT MUM. 😀

Now I am going to talk about Dad. Dad always helps me with a lot of things like being my football coach, taking me to training, bying me boots and a lot of other things. so I really appreciate everything you have done for me dad . 😀


Religion:Feathers and Fools.

If you could change one thing in the story what would it be ?

If I could change one part in the story I would change the part when the swans and the peacocks had the big fight.

My change would alter the ending because if there was no fight there would still be swans and peacocks in the lake and in the gardens.

Once upon a time there was a peaceful garden with beautiful peacocks and next to the gardens was a lovely river with elegant swans. The next day the peacocks were pecking away at the grass when they looked up and saw the elegant swans were flying across the lake. The peacocks wished they could fly. Then the swans looked up and saw the peacocks spread out their tail feathers. The swans wished they had a tail feather like the peacocks. One day one of the swans came over to the gardens and said to the peacocks” I wish I had a tail feather like you guys”. Then the peacocks said to the swan ” well we wish we could fly like you” said the peacocks. Then the next day all the peacocks came over to the edge of the lake and said to the swans ” do you know how to make us fly?”.  Then the swan replied to the peacocks” we would love to help you but we do not know how to make you fly”. Then the swans said to the peacocks “do you know how to make us grow tail feathers?” Then the peacocks said to the swans” we really want to help you but we can’t. Then the swans and the peacocks realised that it didn’t matter what they looked like it only mattered who they were. They all lived happily ever after.


My Favourite Places In Adelaide!!

One of my favourite places in Adelaide is Green Hills Adventure Park.

I go to Green Hills every year. I go on the waterslides with my brother. I play mini golf with my Dad, brother and friends. I also play the big golf with my Dad and friends. Last time I went to Green Hills I drove the go-karts with my Dad. I also go on the paddle boats. I always go on the dry slides were you get a  mat and sit on it then slide down.

My other favourite place in Adelaide is the Royal Adelaide Show. I go there every year. I like to go on lots of different rides. Before we leave we get show bags.

My Easter holiday at Claire!!

On Thursday the 17th of April my family went camping at Claire Caravan Park for an Easter holiday. We went with all our friends an camped with all of them until Easter Monday. We were the first family to get to the caravan park. We set up the anex and then the next family came. My brother Jack and I found this weird looking beetle that looked like a spider cross between a beetle. Jack tried to catch it but the beetle kept trying to get way and we called him cheeky. We showed them the beetle but it kept falling of the stick we were carrying the beetle on. I helped my Dad unpack the bikes. Then the rest of the families came. The next day we all went for a bike ride to some boring wineries. The next day we watched the footy. Then on Easter morning we had a sleep in and then we went on an Easter hunt with our friends. At night I went for a ride around the caravan park. The next morning we packed up and went home.

Sports day!!

Last Friday(The 4th) Emmaus Catholic School held a Sports day. I am in Marin( The Green Team). We started the day off with a whole school health hustle. After the health hustle the whole School went down to the decking for our team cheers and team songs. Then it was recess, we all had recess with our sports day buddies. My buddy was Van. After recess we all went to the oval to do our class events. Our first event was a 400 metre race around the school oval.

I am racing against Patrick, Nick and Jye.

I am racing against Patrick, Nick and Jye.

I came third in the race, Patrick came first,Nick came second and Jye came last.

After the 400, we did tug of war. First Marin and Coolock faced off.


Marin are trying their best in tug of war.

Marin are trying their best in tug of war.

Coolock beat Marin and then Mackillop and Mcauly faced off, Mcauly won. The winners, Coolock and Mcauly faced off. I helped Mcauly win the tug of war. Then the losers, Marin and Mackillop both tried to get in third place , but Mackillop just won.

After the tug of war we did high jump.

I am jumping over the rope in high jump.

I am jumping over the rope in high jump.

In high jump I cleared the rope every time I  jumped. Me, Bailey and Nick did the best in our class. After high jump we went down to the oval to do shot put.

The teamsre getting ready for shot put.

The teams are getting ready for shot put.

I tried my best in shot put.

After shot put our class did an obsticle course.


The teams are lining up for the obsticle course.

The teams are lining up for the obsticle course.

I went first in the obsticle course for my team (Marin). Marin did really well in the obsticle course.

After the obsticle course we went and did hurdles. I did my best in the hurdles, and I came first.

After hurdles it was lunch time.

After lunch our class did 100 metre sprints. All the parents and grandparents were watching the sprints, so I did my best. I came third in sprints and almost came second. After the sprints we did a whole school house team relay. Then we went back to the decking to sing our team songs and find out which houses won the spirit shield and the house cup. We sung our songs and then it came down to the big moment everyone was waiting for. We found out who won the cup and shield. Marin won the spirit shield and Mcauly won the house cup. What a Sports Day!!

















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